Games console repairs

If your particular problem isn't listed below  Contact us with the details and we will give you a quote.

PS3 repairs
Some of the most common PS3 faults we can repair:


PS3 Yellow Light Of Death: If your PS3 quickly flashes yellow and then has a red flashing light when you power it on. You will require a professional repair. This repair is also required if you have freezing graphics, random sound issues or overheating problems.

PS3 Drive Mechanism: Your PS3 may not accept disks or eject. Also if you have lodged something inside the disk slot this may have damaged the mechanism so this repair will be needed.

PS3 HDMI Port Replacement: This repair will need to be done if you have damaged the port at the back of the PS3 by yanking the wire out at a strange angle.

PS3 Bluray Laser Replacement: If your PS3 will not read games or Blurays the laser will need to be replaced inside the console with a brand new one.

PS3 Wi-Fi Repair: If your PS3 controllers do not sync to your PS3 or you cannot connect to your wireless network we offer a repair for this.

XBox 360 repairs

Some of the most common XBox 360 faults we can repair:

Disc drive jammed or stuck: The disc drive on your XBox 360 will not open when you press the eject button or the disc tray is stuck half way and keeps jamming.

Distorted Graphics & Freeze Up: The XBox 360 will freeze randomly without any notice on the dashboard and during games, also sometime the display will show a chequered, square boxes effect on the TV screen.

Red Light(s) Red Ring Of Death: The console shows red light(s) near the power button as soon as you turn it on, this is called the (RROD or Red Ring Of Death) and is the most common error, this is where, most of the time, the GPU or CPU comes loose from the main motherboard.

Games, DVD's and CD's not loading or Reading: Your XBox 360 console games, DVD’s and CD's will not read anymore and you keep getting the unreadable error, or the game freezes have way though a game or you get the open try error.

Other consoles

We can repair other systems as well:

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS/3DS/DSi etc

Contact us with your repair request and we can provide a quote.